Thursday, June 17, 2010

Exotic Minerals- yummy!!

I have been spending some time looking at stones lately.  Ever since I gave away my Dendritic Agate pendant- I have been obsessed with Dendritic Agate.  It started after I bought a new stone to replace the one I gave away.  Let me first say the boy am I glad now that I did give it away since I would never have found all of these other stones if I still had my original pendant.
Anyhoo.... When minerals grow within each other I find it super interesting.  I have run across Pyrite in Quartz, Apatite in Quartz, Epidote in Prehnite and so much more.
They are all amazing to me because they are like looking through a window into a mini universe.  So I will be gobbling them up when I can and putting together a new line called "Windows."  Photos coming soon...

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