Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Application Deadlines; UPDATE: I hate Photoshop!!!

Today.  I am working on a couple of applications for vending opportunities.  One in Hoboken, NJ and the other is for a holiday market with The NewNew.  I hate filling out forms but... since I have been putting myself out there more and more the positive feedback has been very encouraging.  As have been the sales!! So thru the end of the year I will try to get into as many markets and venues as possible.

I have to get a banner and logo together- oy vey!!  This is an old banner- I still like it.

UPDATE:   So after hours of clicking and swearing at the computer screen, I have finally done it.  Tutorials were useless, Youtube videos were useless.  I accidentally rearranged layers and magic!!  I hate you Photoshop!!! But I won!!!

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