Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Listings Posted on Etsy

Photographing and editing jewelry are some of my least favorite things to do.  More than washing dishes.  I love love love the process of making jewelry but the other stuff not so much.  So last week I made myself photograph some stuff so I can post it on Etsy so I can actually SELL things!!! These are from my Etsy shop called Absynthe Jewelry.  Here's a taste.....

These are some necklaces with hand painted deity pendants from India.  The little paintings are set behind glass and surrounded by sterling silver.  They are hung from a strand of coordinating pearls or semi-precious stones.

I used to work in a shop that sold clothing, jewelry and artifacts from all over the world.  This shop was one of the first of its kind - long before Pier One brought us mass produced ethnic crap.  Anyhoo... working there exposed me to cultures and religions that I would never have known about otherwise.  I was always intrigued by the fierce looking multi-limbed gods and goddesses from India.  Each god or goddess had many incarnations and an interesting story.  These pendants bring me back to those days.

Hand Painted Durga Pendant with Pearls
Hand Painted Hanuman Pendant with Pearls

Hand Painted "Hand" Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone

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