Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Days Till Crafts in Chelsea!!!

Hey Gang!!

Only 2 days left till Crafts in Chelsea!! Good weather predicted although there will be wind.  Wind!!-the nemesis of all outdoor craft fairs.  Yes rain sucks too but you don't have to chase your merchandise when it blows down the street.  Nothing like your tent flying away like Mary Poppins, either .  So get there early and buy all of my stuff so I don't have to spend the day picking it up after it falls over!!!

I have been working on some new rings and pendants that will debut at CIC:

I am working on 16 things at once!!!

rutilated quartz ring

Kunzite (L) and Kyanite (R) rings

Botswana Agate pendant (L) and Crazy Lace Agate ring (R)

Labradorite rings

Amethyst ring

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