Friday, November 19, 2010

Only 3 Days Left Until AnachronismNYC @ Webster Hall

I can't wait!! Only three days left  so get ready....
Here's the final schedule so you know what you're in for:

In the Marlin Room:
7:30-8:15 Not Waving But Drowning
8:15-8:30 G.D. Falksen and Katie Kat
8:30-9:15 Psyche Corp
9:15-9:30 G.D. Falksen and The Royal Baritaria Players
9:30-10:15 Absinthe Drinkers
10:15-10:30 G.D. Falksen and Katie Kat
10:30-11:00 Fashion Show
11:00-11:15 G.D. Falksen and The Royal Baritaria Players
11:15-Close This Way to the Egress

And downstairs, in The Studio:
7:30-7:45 Opening by Wandering Lgion
7:45-8:00 Murder by James Hatton
8:00-8:10 The Amazing Amy!
8:10-8:25 The Wandering Legion
8:25-9:10 Captin Zorikh's Grappling Demo
9:10-9:25 The Wandering Legion
9:25-10:10 The Circus! Featuring Little Miss Rollerhoops, Middle To Nowhere, Honor Amongst Thieves, and more!
10:10-10:25 The Wandering Legion
10:25-11:10 The Amazing Stage Show
11:10-11:25 The Wandering Legion
11:25-Close Not Waving But Drowning

Tea and Green Fairy for all! And don't forget to check out the amazing vendors and their unique items...

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