Monday, November 8, 2010

Etsy Contest with NASA

Etsy is having a contest in collaboration with NASA.  It's to honor the space shuttle program which will end in 2011.  There were  three categories to enter - 2D Original Art, 2D Art Reproduction and 3D Art.

Since I love anything to do with outer space I just had to enter this contest!!  I made these three things.....

Jupiter Stone Pendant

Starburst Pendant

Moldavite Ring

I entered the Moldavite ring because the rules only allowed one entry per category.  Bummer!!!  It was a tough choice between the Jupiter Stone pendant and the ring but the ring won out.

They will pick 150 entries as semi-finalists and then open the contest up for voting by the public on Nov. 12th.

Let's hope that I get picked!!

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