Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brooklyn Indie Market Update!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Brooklyn Indie Market and showed support this past Sunday May 23rd!!  I met a bunch of great people who I hope to stay in touch with.  I will be there again on Sunday June 13th.  Stop by and visit.

Check out these lovely ladies- they have very cool shops on Etsy:

Hazel Village: Jane makes the most adorable animals...

Mini Andre: Andrea makes luscious body products...

Quilt Face: Kristen makes beautiful pillows for people and pets...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home All Day!

So I've been stuck home all day with Bronchitis instead of working away at the studio. I've been watching endless hours of TV while coughing and wheezing on the couch in my pajamas and brand new John Fluevogs.  The shoes came with a bunch of Dum Dums that my crazy cat Hannah stole and hid all over the apartment.  She seems to really like the watermelon flavored one.  She's been carrying it around by the stick - verrrry cute.

In my boredom I organized all of my stones by color and shape.  I've been meaning to do that for ages and even put them into smaller little baggies.  Can you say OCD?  Whatever- I had to do something while my ass was getting wider on the couch.

I'm really excited for Brooklyn Indie Market on Sunday as I will be debuting my new rings and pendants.  Didn't get to finish some stuff at the studio today but I still have plenty of new things to show.

And -I'll being wearing my super cool new shoes!

Come See Me at Brooklyn Indie Market!!

I will be selling my wares (or should that be wears?) at Brooklyn Indie Market this Sunday -May 23rd.

The big red and white tent on Smith street between President and Union street, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Mention this post for  10% discount!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


So I was at work on Saturday and as I get out of one appointment I find out that my last appointment of the day will be with a celebrity that I really admire.  Seeing as I get tongue tied when talking to strangers- I was praying that I didn't come off as a spaz.  As the session progressed my jewelry came up in the conversation.  Normally I have a bunch of stuff to show with me.  The first thing I do when I get to work is pull out whatever I  made that week and show my friend Rene.  Not that day. Anyways... the only thing I had to show was my favorite necklace.  It is a huge rectangular piece of Dendritic Agate set in silver.  It looks like a window with a beautiful view of a "tree" in it.  She really liked it and as she was admiring it I had an overwhelming feeling that she "needed"it and should have it. So I gave it to her.  Is that crazy?  After I did that was like "Ruby- what did you just do?" I definitely miss it as I wore it everyday.

This morning I looked up the meaning of the stone. Dendritic Agate is one the most powerful and protective stones for travelers. It protects the wearer from accident and fatigue during travel.  She has been doing a crazy amount of flying.  Now knowing the meaning of the stone I feel so much better that I gave it away.  It was like the stone knew that someone needed it more than me.