Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year to All!!! and some Resolutions :0

Hello everyone!!

Here's to a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year!!!
While last year was a great year for me- this year I would like to build on that success.  To do so I have enrolled in a super cool e-course called Big Dreams- Small Wonders.  It is a four week course that helps to identify goals and ways to achieve them through creative exercises.  This course is run by a fabulous artist - Louise Gale.  I met her through my Etsy team- the {NEWNEW} New York.

Since focusing has always been a challenge for me- one of my resolutions is to narrow down my product line into a more cohesive collection.  Just because I can make anything doesn't mean that I should. I realized that having a schizophrenic selection of jewelry on my table makes things too chaotic for shoppers.
Another resolution is to network more and try to be more social. I have a tendency to spend too much time in the studio and not enough time among other human beings.  Finally- there's the time management thing that I can never seem to get a handle on.  There's more but if I try to take on too much we know what happens- I get grouchy!!!

So good luck to everyone with your resolutions!!  Feel free to share one of yours in the comments.

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