Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NYC Rescued Kitties Needs Your Help!!

My sister, Karen,  runs a cat rescue group called NYC Rescued Kitties and has recently racked up some serious vet bills due to a recent spat of sick kitties.  On top of it all she has been dealing with some serious health issues of her own which has been preventing her from doing her usual fundraising activities.

Karen has been helping animals since I can remember.  From taking in strays to rescuing cats from shelters- she loves animals more than anything.  That's what led her to start her own rescue group- NYC Rescued Kitties.  She takes great care to match the rescues with new pet parents and even rehabilitates feral cats herself. They have over 100 rescued cats currently living in foster homes. While many people already have a "full house" as far as pets go- sponsoring a pet can also be a great way to help out a homeless animal.  Sponsoring helps pay for food, litter and medical bills.

For the New Year- Karen is holding an online fundraiser to help with recent vet bills.  It is being done thru gofundme.com and you can pay with Paypal.  Click here to donate.

For a list of available pets - click here.

If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated!!  Even small amounts add up- Barack Obama's 2008 campaign contributions were mostly $5-20 each and he raised hundreds of millions.

Thanks in advance,

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