Monday, August 1, 2011

Look at these beauties!! Merlinite

I love anything with Dendrites. These dreamy tree like formations suspended in stone are so magical- I buy them whenever I see them. When I learned about this stone - I looked everywhere for some. 

Had. To. Have. Some. 

So imagine my surprise when I was at my favorite stone vendor’s table last week looking for Amethyst and there was a gorgeous selection of Merlinite right next to it. Naturally I got as many as my wallet could handle and I look forward to making some amazing things with these.
++please note: there is no Opal in this stone. It was given this name because of the iridescence that is sometimes present in the quartz.++

Reserved for Kate

Reserved for Kate

Reserved for Kate

via crystal-healing- for-
"This stone currently comes from only one mine in New Mexico. It is a variety of Dendritic Opal... and sometimes has an opalescent sheen. It may contain a blend of white quartz, black dendritic inclusions and black Psilomelane... depending on the individual stone."

"Merlinite is a stone of duality... of black and white... and light and dark.
This is a stone that attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life... and it may also take you to places where you make contact with the deeper, darker parts of yourself."

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