Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning Treasury

So I am on the Treasury Team for the {NewNew}New York Etsy Team. Every Monday (my assigned day) I get up and try to get it done right away so I don’t forget to do it. I sift through member’s shops and find 16 things I really like and put together a treasury. See- this has nothing to do with money. The items are the “treasures”. You need to have a theme and a cool and catchy title. With enough clicks, comments and favorites it might end up on the front page. That would be nice. I tend to use color as a theme since I am not witty enough first thing in the morning to come up with something more poetic. Or at any other time of the day for that matter. So enjoy this selection of talented artists...

p.s. I was trying to decide between green and red today and I was going to go with green but I accidentally kept picking red things so I left the lone green item because I really love Hans is My Hedgehog’s designs.

Seeing Red

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